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"How To" Resources

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How to: The Nitty Gritty



Overviews of the Why and How of Digital Storytelling


The Center for Digital Storyteling


 The hub of an international network of digital storytellers, the center offers excellent resources on storytelling techniques, on community action projects around the world, and on training opportunities.


Stories for Change

 A meeting place for those using digital storytelling in community settings as an avenue of social change.  Excellent examples, resources, discussion forums.


Memory's Voices: A Guide to Digital Storytelling

A site created by the Center for Digital Storytelling for the California Culturenet





 For Macs:


Final Cut Express or I Movie

Photoshop Elements

Sound Studio


Garage Band


For PCs:


Adobe Premier

Photo shop Elements



For less complex projects


For Macs:



Garage Band


For PCs:

Photostory 3


Fifty Web-based Photo/Audio editing storytelling tools





Photo and Video Banks




Morgue File


Flickr Creative Commons



"Creative Commons" Licensed Music (available for use in tech projects )


Podsafe Music


Royalty Free Music


Circuit Six


Garage Band Artist Community



Comprehensive Resource Portals



Art, Storytelling, Technology, and Education,  from consultant Jason Ohler, is a compendium of publications, "how to" guides, teaching strategies, and software suggestions.










Simmons College Digital Storytelling Handbook
















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