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Unresolved Issues in the Digital Stories of Teaching

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Unresolved Issues In The Digital Stories of Teaching



 Compelling People to Tell Their Stories in a Course


The differences between having something to say and having to say something.



Moving beyond self-silencing


From angry and painful stories with the door closed and only teachers in the room to the development of stories for a more general audience that each had a happy ending.


Constructing the identity that they wish for, on their terms, within the respite of summer. 


Acknowledging the intense and pervasive scrutiny under which they live and work.




Does teacher education provide teachers with the language and perspective to name the far reach of biography in professional practice?


Teachers from marginalized background negotiating  with peers from more privileged backgrounds.


Negotiating with family over engaging a very traditional career path for women.




Guilt in Impossible Circumstances


Buffering students from "the system" through intense emotional labor (Hargeaves, 1998).



Negotiating New Measures of Success



From the Right:      Standardized Test Scores.


From the Left:  Social reform, at least a  generation out.


From their Stories:   They touched children deep within their beings, and retained their own appreciation for the worth of each individual child.



Making Space for Storytelling in Many Forms


In their schools:  There is no time, there is a culture of cynicism, they find competitiveness over "solving" problems before the story has been fully told.



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